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So you’re newly expecting and starting to look around for a photographer to capture those sleepy newborn images. But this is your first time, and you don’t know where to start.

It’s not always so simple. You want the best possible images of such a short, but extremely important time in your family’s milestones. A baby is the BEST gift life can give.

With JLP, you’ll want to inquire as soon as possible. To guarantee a spot, by 8 weeks along! We book fast because we take limited number of newborns per month and most of my clients & fans know to book early! From there I put you on schedule for your due date. No worries though, babies arrive when they want and we are flexible for that reason!


5 Things to Look For in a Newborn Photographer!

1. Portfolio.
Do not be afraid to ask for a full session gallery prior to booking a shoot so you know what to expect. Be sure the entire gallery meets your standards.

Tips of what to look for:  The baby looks comfortable, the exposure and color is consistent, you can see the baby’s face!
Penelope Porter Newborn Photos-37_WEB.jpg
Hallie- Newborn Photos-12_WEB.jpg

2. Experience.
Over 130 newborn sessions later, I can pick up cues on what your baby prefers. Usually within 10 minutes of handling them! Back, belly, wrapped, etc! No pose should be forced if baby isn’t feeling it.
It’s very important your tiny newborn baby is safe in any pose and set up.  This is .your. baby.  Safety measures should always be their number one priority!

Kallen (1 of 1)_WEB.jpg
Jaxson Newborn (26 of 60)_WEB.jpg

They may be having tummy troubles that day. Your photographer must know how to work around the issue, and be able to soothe them.

Patience is 110% a must have characteristic of a newborn photographer!
Lea Newborn Photos (3 of 54)_WEB.jpg

3. Style.
See if their style fits yours! Does the photographer have props? What types? You should be able to trust your photographer to style your session!
Levi Newborn Photos (41 of 42)_WEB.jpg

4. Quality.
We are not a shoot and burn studio. Each session is thoroughly thought out, collaborated with clients, prepped, 2-3 hours long, and hand processed to perfection.
Each and every session is unique, and time consuming.  Newborn photography is a ‘want’.  It’s a luxury.  Just like that smartphone you’re holding. (Those only last a few years if you’re lucky… quality newborn photos are continued gifts for generations).

Zoe Newborn Photos (12 of 47)_WEB

In life, we pick our priorities. Therefore, these newborn sessions may not be for everyone! And that’s okay. But if you value photos of your baby, quality, classic lifetime images…. then it is a thousand percent worth it.

Investment varies by photographer. But price should not be your deciding factor.


TwinNewbornPhotos (12 of 50)_WEB.jpg

5. Testimonials

Word of mouth is so important. Talk to others, reach out, get their opinions! Roughly 85% of my clientele is from a referral of a friend or family member.

Kallen Newborn Photos (41 of 53)_WEB.jpg

*Remember! You can not redo your newborn images. Say you take the original images from so-and-so photography, get those photos back 2 weeks later. By this time baby will most likely be out of the sleepy phase! They grow incredibly fast the first few weeks, and trust me you do not want to miss this special phase.

An important foot note: Like myself, we all start somewhere! This post is solely meant to enlighten clients on how to choose a newborn photographer that fits them.


I am extremely thankful for my wonderful, amazing, loyal clients!


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  • LisaSeptember 23, 2015 - 10:24 pm

    Hello! You may have this posted somewhere, put I cannot find it! I’m currently five months pregnant and I’m searching around for a newborn photographer. I was wondering what is typically included in your package and how much. Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • LucyNovember 8, 2017 - 4:43 pm

    Hello, I am interested in booking a newborn shoot and was wondering if I could get price list and possibly set up an appointment. I know you book ahead of time, but I am due in 2 to 3 weeks!ReplyCancel