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Karter | Maryland Newborn Photographer

I absolutely loved working with this family again! They are such a sweet group, and new baby Karter fit right into their vibes. She was DREAMY! Just look at how precious she is. And that hair! Congrats to this new family of four!!

Emarie | Maryland Newborn Photographer

Emarie and her parents were such a wonderful treat to have in studio. After Emarie really got settled in with a fully belly, she was oh so sleepy. Her adorable little face with those lashes had me at hello! I enjoyed her session, and I love what mom picked for their final images too! Take…

Dylan, 7 days new | Maryland Newborn Photographer

Dylan was so sleepy and calm, He woke up to eat once and was back out. His perfect little face and dark eye lashes had me at hello! His big sister was happy to cooperate and take photos too, she is such a sweet girl. I really enjoyed chatting the whole time with momma, too!…