Bricen is 3 | Southern Maryland Photographer

I can’t believe this little guy is 3! I met Leslie when she was pregnant with him. We were supposed to do maternity and newborn pictures, for reasons out of her hands this didn’t happen. But we did do his 6 months and 1 year! It had been two years since I’ve seen their family! Little Bricen is quite a charmer. He has the BEST smile, and just so adorable. I never knew a three year old could laugh so candidly on demand:)Enjoy this large share of your family photos M family!

Fall Mini Sessions, Round 1 | Southern Maryland Photographer

The first round of Fall mini sessions went perfectly. We rescheduled from an original date and ended up with the most beautiful weather. Every family was a joy to be around:)These sessions move fast, but there’s plenty of shots we’re able to get in the time frame.


First was the P Family. I met Kevin & Lena when they were expecting Declan.  I met Declan at a few days old for his newborn session.  Then saw him in April for his 1 year photos. He is growing so fast, and is SO handsome. Declan didn’t care for photos but we still got plenty of keepers:)

Peel Family 2014-10_WEB.jpg
Peel Family 2014-14_WEB.jpg
Peel Family 2014-16_WEB.jpg
Peel Family 2014-2_WEB.jpg
Peel Family 2014-5_WEB.jpg
Peel Family 2014-9_WEB.jpg

The second of the afternoon was the H Family! Little James was a JLP newborn as well. He is now over 2 years old! Their session went so smoothly, and I’m loving the shots of their family!

Holt Family 2014-11_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-16_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-12_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-17_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-18_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-21_WEB.jpg
Holt Family 2014-23_WEB.jpg

Holt Family 2014-22_WEB.jpg

Our third mini was the P family. Audrey & Luke were too adorable, and both hammed it up for the camera. Audrey has been in front of my camera the past few years, but this was Luke’s first!  It was just an easy and laid back time capturing them!

Sanders Family 2014-5_WEB.jpg
Sanders Family 2014-25_WEB.jpg
Sanders Family 2014-13_WEB.jpg
Sanders Family 2014-3_WEB.jpg
Sanders Family 2014-11_WEB.jpg
Sanders Family 2014-8_WEB.jpg

The last session of the evening was the H family. This is the first time I have met them. They have 2 year old twin girls. The girls are extremely shy and clung to mommy & daddy. I realized quickly I better back up, I snapped on the longer length lens, and let them just interact all together. Within 10 minutes they were playing in the leaves, laughing, hugging, and smiling. It made for beautiful candid shots among the fall sunset. It was a pleasure meeting you all!

Hunley Family 2014-30_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-4_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-27_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-6_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-31_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-19_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-22_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-37_WEB.jpg
Hunley Family 2014-38_WEB.jpg

Heather - October 23, 2014 - 2:29 am

The second to last, the baby boy looks so happy in every shot! I love the last session with the twins! Gorgeous shots

Alex is ONE! The E Family | Southern Maryland Photographer

Here we go! Another JLP newborn to reach ONE, in lightening speed. Where oh where does time go so fast?! I had the best time hanging out with his family on a beautiful fall afternoon. This family is just a wonderful group. I probably sound like a broken record, but all the children are the most well behaved. Alex is such a good baby. He complied with every shot. The cake smash he was not too fond of though!:)Of course I had to share a LOT of photos, too much cuteness! Enjoy E Family!
Eagan Family 2014-2_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-1_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-9_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-3_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-19_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-24_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-27_WEB.jpg

Eagan Family 2014-30_WEB
Eagan Family 2014-40_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-43_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-44_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-49_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-50_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-51_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-53_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-54_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-57_WEB.jpg
Eagan Family 2014-58_WEB.jpg

kat - October 22, 2014 - 1:54 am

LOVE these. omg the pout face at the end – hahaha

Olivia, 10 days | Southern MD Newborn Photographer

Say hello to Olivia, little sister to Bella! Bella, 2 1/2, has been in front of my camera multiple times since she was just a few days new herself! She was actually my 6th ever newborn session. Her sister Olivia is now my 98th! Just a fun fact;)
Every baby is different for sessions. I soon realized that Olivia did not like to be put down or her hands positioned:)She definitely prefered being snuggled, or being enclosed in a bucket! So we skipped a bit of the beanbag posing. Olivia has really beautiful features, a pretty face and cute little lips! I’m so honored and humbled to be yet again, chosen to capture these very special times. Thank you F Family, a pleasure as always!

Adding a Baby Girl to the Family | Southern MD Maternity Photographer

I have had the pleasure of watching this family grow since their son, Blaine, was in his mommy’s belly. L & B are now adding a baby girl their family! How exciting!

I am anxious to meet her come November! And can’t wait to hear her name!

Here’s a look back at their past sessions!
Maternity with Blaine
Blaine’s Newborn Session
Blaine’s 6 Month Session
Blaine is One!

And now, enjoy an extra large sneak peek:)


Heather - October 7, 2014 - 6:40 pm

Beautiful Jess!

kat - October 7, 2014 - 6:50 pm

oh my goodness this is such a beautiful session! I love the light and that farm.

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