Where oh where have two years disappeared to!? I still remember Emma in studio for her newborn session like YESTERDAY. We came back to the location this session where Jen & Nate’s pregnancy announcement pictures were taken. You can see them here! Parenthood was just beginning. Such an exciting time. Fast forward two years, and we have a busy little toddler we are chasing after, and a “2” balloon accidentally flying away just out of hands reach. It was pretty cold, and Emma was done at that point too. Life with kids is never perfect or easy. All we can do is embrace it. I invited Emma back to the studio at a later date to capture some of the missed shots. I am so glad we were all to get a few happy smiles for her two year pictures 🙂 She is ADORABLE, smart, and sweet. Happy Birthday Emma! Can’t wait to see you again soon.
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Aubrey! I can’t believe this sweet girl is HERE! I just loved hanging out with her, snuggling, and posing. She was such a delight. Seeing her big sister and brother holding and kissing her was beautiful. Speaking of beautiful… I mean! Aubrey is perfection.  And she is surely well loved. ENJOY this extra large blog post! Congrats K Family!!
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