Prepare for a share overload!  This family is always perfection, add in beautiful summer light (HELLO summer solstice!) and we had quite a beautiful match!  When I first met Lena & Kevin, they were expecting baby declan <3 Now Declan is four, and their little love Hadley just turned one! They are so easy to work with, it feels more like hanging out with old friends every time. Until next time P family… enjoy!…

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As a newborn photographer, an important part of my job is making everything as easy as possible my clients. Most of the time they are new parents, and although they are very excited about getting their new baby’s professional pictures, they are exhausted too! Before each session I make sure to dig a little into my clients life. What they like, what the nursery colors are, and just a little about them.

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This helps me in the choosing of set ups process. Every newborn session is unique. Out of the hundreds I have had the privilege of shooting, no two are completely alike.

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As you will see here, I have no shortage buckets, beds, boxes, throws, wraps, hat, furs, rugs, headbands, and much more!  I enjoy prop shopping for the latest goodies, but also making sure they will always look classic in your forever images.

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All mommy and daddy need to bring is their baby! I am fully prepared for everything else needed. Parents are welcome to sit back and relax! Watch me work baby into the cutest, but most importantly, safely done, poses. See you soon!



Images by LuluEdward Photography, Lindsay Edward