Alaina <3 There’s so much to be said about this beautiful baby. She is the THIRD in their family I have photographed as a newborn. Personally, it’s so super rewarding and humbling. To have captured this family grow through the years through my lens amazes me. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with their precious memories. Bella, the oldest, has grown so much. Into a smart, caring, and gentle four year old. Olivia, the middle, has always had some sprite to her! She is such a beauty. And, Alaina was the easiest of the three girls 🙂 She was so sweet. Alaina only woke during her session to give me a few amazing eye shots, and then back out sound asleep while her sisters squeezed and kissed all over her! Congrats to this family of five!!2016-06-24_0001.jpgimage to pinterest
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Hadley, little sister to Declan. I felt like I’ve been waiting for this moment for forever! When clients are more than just clients. You become invested in their story, watching their family grow, and truly being happy for them every step of the way. That’s how I feel about the P family. Declan is already taking on the big brother role quite well. I cannot wait to get Hadley into the studio in a few days for her newborn shoot!
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It’s just so bittersweet to see this family grow in front of my lens. Since Cohen was in his mommy’s belly, until now Reese is already 7 months! They made my job pretty easy for their ages last week! I love how their gallery of images came out!  See you all again soon!!

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