Fall Mini Sessions | Southern Maryland Photographer

Two more fall mini sessions, which were rescheduled on different dates due to weather!


First the F family, what a beautiful family of five. Three girls, Avery, Emerson, and Harper. The little ones are identical twins, and having been the first time meeting them it wasn’t easy telling them apart! It was pretty chilly out, but the girls did well and we got great shots!
Flowers Family 2014-1_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-5_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-2_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-19_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-8_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-12_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-17_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-14_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-20_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-25_WEB.jpg
Flowers Family 2014-26_WEB.jpg


Next, another beautiful family of five! All three kids did great. It’s not always easy shooting three kids 5 and under! Oh, and it was 5 year old Daniel’s birthday as well! Such cute shots we managed in our timeframe 🙂



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