My Top 15 of 2015 | Southern Maryland Photographer

Mission: Impossible. But I took at shot at choosing my very favorite images that I took in 2015 of client work. This year has been incredible to say the least. I am so grateful for all of my fans, followers, and clients! 2016 is already halfway full through to July!! WHAT? It’s truly amazing, humbling, and also nerve wrecking! I am always striving to grow, and find ways to greaten my clients experience from start to finish. You all are my number one priority! I hope you enjoy each session as much as I do!  I know that most of my inquiries come from word of mouth. It’s normally the first sentence written in an e-mail. THANK YOU. I would not be here without the amount of tremendous support. I am looking forward to all the fun to come in 2016!


These images are just a small glimpse of 2015.   Although thank you doesn’t seem like enough… thank you for making this year FULL of beauty.

Emmy3Year-53-of-63_WEB.jpgimage to pinterest

ReaganWEB (1 of 1)-3image to pinterest ReaganWEB (1 of 1)-6image to pinterest jacobolivia (1 of 1)-4image to pinterest Maddox-Newborn-Images-14-of-56_WEB.jpgimage to pinterest

TwinNBphotos-35-of-45_WEBimage to pinterest

ReeseSlideshow (14 of 45)image to pinterest

Emma1 (1 of 1)-3image to pinterest

FADSC_4670DNG-1image to pinterest EmersonWeb (1 of 1)-2image to pinterest

ADSC_2702-Editimage to pinterest

image to pinterest image to pinterest

Peyton (1 of 1)image to pinterest BucklerWeb (1 of 1)image to pinterest Kallen (1 of 1)image to pinterest

Yes, there are 16 🙂

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