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Sitting here with a blank page to type, it’s hard to find a start for words. I’m going to try to be short, because I could probably go on forever.

First thing I want everyone to know- these mini sessions are in no way meant to give nursing moms a badge of honor over those who formula feed or even pump & bottle. Every mom and baby is different, whichever way works is the BEST. I truely believe a happy mom and healthy baby is the greatest combo. My first was formula fed- bright and healthy. Nursing did not work and that was perfectly fine. My second latched on the very first time and we have been going strong for 7 months. She’s also healthy and happy!

I also believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here is my thought. If nursing were the norm in our society, then this topic wouldn’t be so controversial. Why argue over it? Aren’t we all just trying to do our best raising our children? It’s a tough job! When people look down upon a mom nursing her baby in public, even with a cover, what message are we sending? She’s nurturing her child. She is not breastfeeding to offend anyone. Let’s open our minds.

So why photograph it?
The most important message, for me, was to help normalize breastfeeding. Thus, why all these mommas signed a model release form; so that their images could be shared. Just as if you’d want to capture grandma feeding her grandchild a bottle, or daddy giving his baby it’s first bite of food, and every other important moment in a childs life! It should be treasured!

If nursing images offend you, feel free to close out. To me, it looks like snuggling 🙂 and I just can’t think of a single thing wrong with these photos.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week & Breastfeeding Awareness month!
(& happy feeding, any which way!)

Nursing Session--1_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session -Mini-1_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session Photos-3_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session- Charlee-10_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session- Emma-4_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session- Harper-2_WEB.jpg
Nursing Session-1_WEB.jpg

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