Twin Newborn Girls | Southern MD Photographer

Meet Briley & Raelynn!
I have been so excited to meet these girls. Their mommy contacted me very early along (before she even knew there were two!) and I have loved following her pregnancy journey with them.

The girls were awesome. After an hour and a half drive they nursed and fell back asleep without a problem. We strolled through the session in under two hours. Briley was an easy sweet pea, She had those fingers that would lay flat when placed, and hardly made a peep. She has the darker hair (looks like her mommy). Raelynn as mommy predicted would be the fiester one 🙂 But she really didn’t give us too hard of a time either. She has the cutest little face.  It was an amazing session, I wish I could have played with them all day!

I’m always in awe over twins. They always love to be cuddled on each other, making that part of my job easy!
Their parents are extremely lucky to have such beautiful healthy babies! Congratulations M & R. Enjoy!



FADSC_8915 FADSC_8937




FADSC_9015 FADSC_9027 FADSC_9034 FADSC_9066

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